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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

A letter to our advertisers

We value and appreciate your business and look forward to even greater successes together.

With all the promotional mediums available today, we have exciting and valuable news to share with you regarding newspaper advertising. A recent survey conducted by Newspaper Association of America discovered a very important fact. READERS SAY THE ADVERTISING CONTAINED IN NEWSPAPERS IS JUST AS IMPORTANT TO THEM AS ANY OF THE OTHER CONTENT! And, the elements and layout of an ad can help determine the amount of attention and response it will generate.

With this powerful knowledge, we would like to offer these proven tips and practices that will help you create a newspaper ad that is more readable, more concise, captures more attention and receives a better response. We hope you find these tips useful. Plus, we are available to assit you with any questions.

Your success is our business!

Email : info@satyatimes.co.uk
Contact : 077 9454 0792/078 8884 0776


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